A Passion for Pasta by Carmela Sophia Sereno

A Passion for Pasta celebrates not only the 20 diverse regions of Italy but also the classic pasta that hails from each of these regions.  It will give you the [...]

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In my house it’s all about pasta, pasta, pasta….

On goes my apron, out comes my oversized wooden board, hand cranked pasta machine, bag of flour and jug of water. Full steam ahead and off I go. Just like [...]

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Perfect Pastina……

I was bought up on copious amounts of Pastina. It is quick to cook and prepare and really warms up your belly on a cold winters day. Saying that, pastina [...]

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Pasta making evening of fun….

Who needs to go out and party on a Saturday night. Not me!! Well not on the 9th of March anyway. I would much rather be making pasta with friends. [...]

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Pasta machines…………….which are the best?

Being Italian I adore pasta, however this carb is playing havoc with my figure! In any form, fresh or dry, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I'm not fussy. Any shape [...]

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Delicate pasta sheets pressed with herbs….

I'm Italian and a mum to four beautiful bambini, so from that statement you can see I'm passionate, (joking)! BUT, I am even more passionate about food, especially Italian food [...]

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Farfalle per le bambini……..

Farfalle, bows, butterflies. So many names for this simple delicate pasta. Farfalle however is the name we use in our home. So simple to make and fabulous to get the [...]

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Simple egg pasta…….

Flour, eggs, pinch of salt and a little elbow grease, gives you a simple fresh satisfying egg pasta. I need nothing else. A ravioli can be filled with anything from [...]

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