Pizza dough… tear, fold and enjoy! #FilippoBerio

Tear and fold, that’s the only way!! When I say let’s have pizza for dinner tonight you’ll most certainly hear my children cheer with excitement and relish at the very [...]

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Jam cushions…

  I’m already missing the Great British Bake Off. The programme always spurs us on to cook, bake and most certainly eat more whilst gaining a few extra pounds. That [...]

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Spinach spätzle sparrows with a taleggio drizzle

Spinach spätzle sparrows with a taleggio drizzle Inspiration can be found all around us. Be it in a book, a simple conversation, a dish we’ve eaten, an aroma, a change [...]

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Savoiardi biscuit

To dip or not to dip that is the question? As the ‘Great British Bake Off’ frenzy has hit our hungry nation again I thought it was only apt to [...]

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Tomato corzetti pasta … From master craftsman to pastaia!

  Corzetti pasta becomes edible art! I was never much of an artist at school and in all honesty my drawing is still as basic as an excitable 4 year [...]

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Lemon & strawberry tiramisu….

When I say tonight’s dessert or pudding is tiramisu some diners have a wonderful smile and a zest of anticipation and excitement on their faces whilst the remaining few fall [...]

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Marjoram cavatelli pasta with pan-fried summer tomatoes & pine-nuts

Freshly handmade summer pasta is on the menu. When tomatoes are aromatic and bursting with flavour I love to use them not only eaten freshly from the greenhouse vine but [...]

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Who inspires you to cook?

This week I wanted to start off by asking you a question if I may? ‘Who inspires you to cook and create in the kitchen’? Do you cook because you [...]

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Southern Italian Family Cooking by Carmela Sophia Sereno

‘Southern Italian Family Cooking’ Cucina Povera - Family cooking from the heart of southern Italy from Carmela Sereno Hayes ‘Southern Italian Family Cooking’ is not just a cook book, it’s [...]

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Summer apple rings – Delicious anytime of the day.

  I am just loving this Mediterranean weather even though I spend most of the time perched under a parasol *redhead, however long may it continue? I say this of [...]

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