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Hample from Adriana

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Hample offering a taste of Italy   I love to have a variety of Italian food products available and at hand from my larder and fridge, for easy speedy meals or treats. From tinned tomatoes to specialist pasta, succulent olives, cured meats, cheeses, crackers, biscuits, and sweet treats. Sometimes finding [...]

Arancini made with leftover risotto.

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Arancini con Mozzarella In times where we need to make use of our stores, meaning the store cupboard, any larder, pantry and of course the fridge and freezer, it’s imperative that we maximize on our dishes while stopping any food waste at all.  The cost-of-living crisis will and is affecting [...]

Zuppa imperiale – Biscuit soup

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Biscuit soup - Zuppa Imperiale Tis the season to make soup. I adore a well-made soup, in-fact I love soup so much that I could eat it most days through the colder months. The problem is, I need bread, and lots of it. Dipping a rustic slice of bread into [...]

Pasta Fresca by Carmela Sophia Sereno

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PASTA FRESCA Master the Art of Fresh Pasta Carmela Sophia Sereno Published 13 October 2022 £10.99   Learn how to make fresh pasta for every occasion with this essential guide by pasta-making expert Carmela Sereno.   Whether you prefer to use a pasta machine or craft your dough by hand, [...]

Italian ricotta dumplings….

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Italian ricotta dumplings   Ricotta is an Italian cheese that is produced from the whey of cow, sheep, or buffalo milk. Ricotta simply means, re-cooked, ri-cotta. These ricotta polpette have a lightness to them and a resemblance to pillow like dumplings, I’m drooling at the very thought of them. They [...]