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Savoiardi – Lady fingers……..

As the ‘Great British Bake Off’ frenzy has hit our hungry nation again I thought it was only apt to hit you with something simple yet sweet this week. I [...]

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If I closed my eyes tightly and clicked my heels three times I could almost smell the aroma……… Growing up, tiramisu was always made by my mum and aunties when [...]

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Carmela teaches in Italy at Hotel Eliseo…………. #Romagna

Carmela teaches in Italy.....10th till 14th September 2019! Come cook with Carmela in Italy and enjoy a fully immersive 5 day cooking experience. You will discover the secrets of regional [...]

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Chickpea balls – speedy, meat free and totally scrumptious.

I love a meatball or 10 but whenever I think of meatballs it always reminds me of that one time I was clearly desperate and on a low after a [...]

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Black chickpeas milled into flour, what on earth was I thinking??

The idea seemed good, logical, well almost! Buy chickpeas and mill them into flour for some pasta development work I’m currently working on. How wrong was I? My previous experience [...]

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Summer apple rings..

  With an almost instant change of season we welcome a change of produce. My favourite summer vegetable has to be the humble courgette with its stunning edible flower as [...]

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From the meadow to the teapot..

Food and drink, flowers, perfume, holidays, photos, these all evoke memories of some kind. Remembering tasks that my parents and I would carry out seasonally on our farm as a [...]

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Thyme to reflect in my kitchen garden……….

My kitchen garden is tiny and I should probably call it my herb patch but the word patch doesn’t have the grandeur I want you to whimsically imagine. So, going [...]

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Courgette, lemon & ricotta fritters…

Even though I surround myself with food daily, I never menu plan for my family. I am known as creator or should I say I tend to wing it at [...]

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Dandelions… Do they really make you wet the bed?

Can picking a dandelion really lead you to wet the bed? I grew up on a small farm in North Bedfordshire. At every possible opportunity you’d find me outside, either [...]

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