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Carmela’s Kitchen – Fresh pasta range

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Life is a combination of magic and pasta – Federico Fellini In search of comfort and speed when you are exhausted, hungry and in need of feeding a family rapido, often leads us comfortably to pasta. The humble filling carb that I desire within reason most days! Be it dried [...]

Rolled & baked cabbage leaves

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Filled, rolled & baked savoy cabbage leaves... The word resolution should forever be banned in my opinion because firstly I would fail within 24 hours of setting any and secondly, I would hate myself for making said resolution/s and for knowingly breaking them. That said I really do like a [...]

Pasta e fagioli – Parmigiano Reggiano

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My stainless steel, Roman grater sits comfortably in the groove of my bent left arm, cradled almost, whilst I grate my Parmigiano Reggiano in circular motions. Growing up this was always my job; my sister Daniela could never be trusted as she would eat more than she would grate. I [...]

Yorkshire Pecorino

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Say cheese! Covid, is most definitely hanging around for much longer than we or I initially thought it would. By late summer I was hoping we would be looking forward to autumn food festivals, demonstrations, and social events. This unfortunately is not the case.  We are all having to change [...]

Spinach spätzle sparrows with a taleggio drizzle

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Inspiration can be found all around us. Be it in a book, a simple conversation, a dish we have eaten, an aroma, a change of season or a television programme. ‘Spatzle’ are influenced from the border between Italy and Austria.  Still very much unknown in terms of pasta to many [...]

Nocino – Walnut liquor

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Nocino – Walnut liquor As we cautiously enter the month of September not knowing what to expect, I know as a guaranteed certainty that I will be prepping food gifts for the festive period. From damson jam to morello cherries doused in grappa, apple and berry chutney and I will [...]

Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking….

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Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking – released today Publication day has finally arrived and with it embraced tightly and with great anticipation is my fourth Italian cookery book, named ‘Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking’. Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking is a celebration of Italian cookery through the [...]

Cauliflower fritters – From the lockdown larder

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Cauliflower fritters – From the lockdown larder Lockdown was certainly eased by the work of many family led companies that off the back of trying to help families and also while trying to keep their own businesses afloat during these strange and very uncertain times, launched a range of vegetable [...]