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Learn to cook in Italy May 2020!

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Carmela teaches in Romagna – from 26th till 30th May 2020! Come to cook with Carmela in Italy and enjoy a fully immersive 5 day cooking experience. You will discover the secrets of regional Romagna cooking, with Nonna Violante at Hotel Eliseo in Bellaria Igea Marina, a seaside town near [...]

Gluten free pasta ..

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A gluten intolerance doesn’t mean you need to miss out! Missing out on your favourite foods when you have an intolerance, are allergic or have a related disease can be not only saddening but also sometimes an inconvenience and a pain in the bottom. Menu choices nowadays have improved no [...]

Chocolate polenta & Frangelio cake….

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Chocolate polenta & Frangelio cake... January, better known as the let’s give everything up and be borderline low and depressed month! A month where we all anticipate our pay day, dread the visa bill hitting the door mat and cut out alcohol, treats and carbs. Why? Why do we do [...]

Peach bellini tiramisu…

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Peach bellini tiramisu: Tinned peach & clementine Tiramisu A dessert with such great versatility, easy to put together, made in advance yet sophisticated with a certain style that gives the impression you were slaving over its appearance for hours. That’s what I love. So, in advance and with time to [...]

Fava bean flour farfalle with pan-fried tomatoes & pine-nuts.

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Fava bean flour farfalle with pan-fried tomatoes & pine-nuts. A beautiful shape with many names, Farfalle can also be known as butterflies, bows and angel wings. All delicious regardless of name. A great shape to make that is relatively easy to master if you are new to pasta making. The [...]

Spinach spatzle sparrows with a taleggio drizzle

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Spinach spätzle sparrows with a taleggio drizzle As soon as the change of season, darker nights and darker mornings are upon me, I crave comfort food that I can eat and want to eat, using only a spoon and out of a bowl. I sound so lazy but I am [...]

Savoiardi – Lady fingers……..

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As the ‘Great British Bake Off’ frenzy has hit our hungry nation again I thought it was only apt to hit you with something simple yet sweet this week. I very really make or bake sweet treats, I tend to leave that job to my 15 year old daughter Natalia, [...]


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If I closed my eyes tightly and clicked my heels three times I could almost smell the aroma……… Growing up, tiramisu was always made by my mum and aunties when all our families would come together to celebrate family birthdays and festive celebrations… On reflection a very special pudding indeed. [...]

Carmela teaches in Italy at Hotel Eliseo 26th – 30th MAY 2020 #Romagna

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Carmela teaches in Italy.....26th - 30th May 2020!! Come cook with Carmela in Italy and enjoy a fully immersive 5 day cooking experience, you will also discover the secrets of regional Romagna cooking, with Nonna Violante at Hotel Eliseo near Rimini. Do you want to learn the secrets, techniques and [...]

Chickpea balls – speedy, meat free and totally scrumptious.

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I love a meatball or 10 but whenever I think of meatballs it always reminds me of that one time I was clearly desperate and on a low after a traumatic shopping trip with my army of small children, yes I was in Ikea and yes I ate a meatball!!! [...]

Black chickpeas milled into flour, what on earth was I thinking??

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The idea seemed good, logical, well almost! Buy chickpeas and mill them into flour for some pasta development work I’m currently working on. How wrong was I? My previous experience working with these indestructible black pebbles had clearly been forgotten somewhat, pushed to the back of my forgetful and complex [...]