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Riso Gallo orange fritters..

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Rice fritters with an orange drizzle... Bank holiday is calling and these sweet, yet incredibly light fritters would make any lockdown garden picnic a reason to smile. Something sweet that uses risotto rice but that is not a classic rice pudding. I give you delicious rice fritters! These fritters can [...]

New ebook launched. How to make your own pasta!

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How to make your own pasta! The lockdown weeks have certainly sent interest in the direction of the kitchen. People that have never cooked before are making an array of dishes, treats and more. From banana bread to making a sourdough starter, making pizza and of course pasta. Cooking regardless [...]

Pisarei e faso – Lockdown larder.

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Lockdown larder! Rationing, limited availability and a world crisis. I never thought in my lifetime I would witness such fear and sadness on mass. My children are confused, and I have no answers but can comfort them with love and food. So, with that in mind, lets remain positive and [...]

Potato gnocchi – Gnocchi di patate..

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Potato gnocchi pillows…. Clearly 2020 is set to be a testing time for us all. From the fear of illness to the loss of earnings, freedom and the eye watering recent panic buying terror! I however, am firmly in the midst of my 3-month isolation due to a long-term illness [...]

Gluten free pasta ..

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A gluten intolerance doesn’t mean you need to miss out! Missing out on your favourite foods when you have an intolerance, are allergic or have a related disease can be not only saddening but also sometimes an inconvenience and a pain in the bottom. Menu choices nowadays have improved no [...]

Chocolate polenta & Frangelio cake….

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Chocolate polenta & Frangelio cake... January, better known as the let’s give everything up and be borderline low and depressed month! A month where we all anticipate our pay day, dread the visa bill hitting the door mat and cut out alcohol, treats and carbs. Why? Why do we do [...]

Peach bellini tiramisu…

By |November 21st, 2019|Categories: Uncategorized|

Peach bellini tiramisu: Tinned peach & clementine Tiramisu A dessert with such great versatility, easy to put together, made in advance yet sophisticated with a certain style that gives the impression you were slaving over its appearance for hours. That’s what I love. So, in advance and with time to [...]