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There’s nothing Fawlty about my Basil!

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There’s nothing Fawlty about my Basil!   The sewing and gardening season is upon us and I anticipate many triumphs and failures along the way.  I seem to always do well and have an abundance of courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes, my herb garden blooms and pretty much everything else takes [...]

Filippo Berio – Rustico

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Filippo Berio Rustico   Filippo Berio Rustico is a delicious, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil crafted for the olive oil lover amongst us all. Made without any filtration, tiny pieces of olive give Filippo Berio Rustico a rich green, slightly cloudy appearance with the most delicious, balanced flavour. A true [...]

Colomba di pasqua – Italian Easter cake

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Colomba di pasqua – Easter cake Easter may seem a distant memory for now, but I still wanted to share with you how to create this simply beautiful and very speedy ‘Colomba di Pasqua, the italian Easter cake that is shaped as a dove. This cake symbolizes hope, prosperity, health, [...]

Olive oil & ricotta ciambella

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Olive oil and ricotta Ciambella cake   Food memories tend to always be happy memories because whether the food you are recollecting was good or bad, it will always be surrounded by other factors. The time you ate or made the dish, your age, and influences, who you were with [...]