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Summertime oregano…

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Summertime oregano Summer brings with it many perks from long lazy Sunday walks to chilled out BBQS with extended family, early rises to watch the spectacular sunrise or late-night strolls to take a little time out and reflect on our week. We are so incredibly lucky in the UK to [...]

Aquafaba – Meringues

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Aquafaba – Meringues Aquafaba is the liquid that can be found preserving chickpeas. The water is full of chickpea protein and is wonderful and incredibly useful. However, when did chickpea water become popular and ‘a thing’?  I don’t recall my mum using or whipping this protein-based liquid up into a [...]

Riso Gallo 3 grain vegetable bake

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Summer grain & veggie bake There is not much that can beat a well-stocked larder or store cupboard, in fact I simply adore it, especially when I struggle to close the door fully and must wedge it closed with an oversized tin of tomatoes. Stocked with copious (regimentally stacked) packets [...]

Strawberry risotto with Wimbledon bubbles..

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Risotto fit for centre court! Welcome back Wimbledon, we have missed you greatly! With the start of Wimbledon last week, we can all be certain of three small elements; fresh ruby strawberries, Pimm’s by the glass and the British weather which is always a little precarious over the summer. The [...]

Ravioli like a pro from Marcato!

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Squid ink ravioli – Ravioli like a pro from Marcato! A beautiful recipe that showcases diversity of flavour with fantastic colour finished with a seasonal flourish of edible petals. Marcato - A toll for making a typical recipe of culture with your own hands. This is why Marcato becomes the [...]

There’s nothing Fawlty about my Basil!

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There’s nothing Fawlty about my Basil!   The sewing and gardening season is upon us and I anticipate many triumphs and failures along the way.  I seem to always do well and have an abundance of courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes, my herb garden blooms and pretty much everything else takes [...]