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Italian ricotta dumplings….

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Italian ricotta dumplings   Ricotta is an Italian cheese that is produced from the whey of cow, sheep, or buffalo milk. Ricotta simply means, re-cooked, ri-cotta. These ricotta polpette have a lightness to them and a resemblance to pillow like dumplings, I’m drooling at the very thought of them. They [...]

Dark chocolate and amaretto cake

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AUNTIE ANNA’S AMARETTO & DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE Torta di Chocolate e Amaretto   Chocolate and amaretto paired together is a marriage made in foodie heaven.  This is one of my aunty Anna’s cakes recipes.  I have increased the volume of the amaretto liquor and dark chocolate which has now transported [...]

Polenta & raisin-grappa soaked biccies

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Polenta & raisin-soaked grappa biscuits As autumn is heading our way, my kitchen habits and recipes tend to change and adapt. A change in season brings out my slow cooker, one pot dishes, slow cooked dishes, baked dishes, and many carbs.  Crumbles, custard, and anything that resembles a taste of [...]

Zucchini frittelle

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Courgette fritters My garden seems to gift me courgettes every day during the summer months, they almost multiply overnight. That said I never learn from the summer before, I always seed and plant too many courgette plants. One plant would be more than enough to feed my family but yes, [...]

Nespolino …. from the humble nespra fruit

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Nespolino from the beautiful nespra fruit At the base steps of our Menorcan villa, stands a tall wide tree that’s loaded at various times of the year with amber fruits. She is a nespra tree, this is the Italian name, the English name I believe is a loquat tree. This [...]

Bechamel cauliflower cheese

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Béchamel cauliflower cheese   Cauliflower cheese, a British staple, a dish steeped with tradition while also being the vegetable dish that has taken on many a 60-minute makeover. When all else fails, just make cauliflower cheese. Bad day at work? Cauliflower cheese. Limited time? Cauliflower cheese. Searching and longing for [...]