Who needs to go out and party on a Saturday night. Not me!! Well not on the 9th of March anyway. I would much rather be making pasta with friends. I am running a Mass Pasta Making Class, similar to my Christmas Pudding Club, but completely Italian themed. Simply Pasta.
I have hired my local hall in Northampton and will sell tickets and teach up to 60 fabulous guests the art of making simple pasta. Tickets are limited as the space in the hall is, so first up best dressed!!
This is just a taster, just a tease of what you can learn, to show the fun that is to be had when it comes to making pasta. If you enjoy the taster and what to learn a little more and slightly advanced techniques then classes are available in my own kitchen (a great gift).

Carmela’s Kitchen.

Mass Pasta Making Class, fun with pasta!
Saturday 9th March 2013, Northampton
£10.00 per ticket.
From 7.45pm until 11.30pm, licensed bar and light nibbles will be available.
I will be teaching the art on how to make pasta dough, pappardelle, spaghetti, farfalle bows and more. Using lots of different techniques and my fabulous gnocchi boards too. 
I have also arranged for some indoor stalls to come along and showcase their incredible local produce. Jams, jellies and chutneys, spices, juices and so much more. Shopping as well as making pasta, yes it will be great fun, so please come along.
You will need to bring along with you your favourite apron (pinnie) as we will be getting messy. I’m sure there will be eggs flying and flour in hair. Such fun!!
Also a chopping board to work on, a mixing bowl, rolling pin and a container with a lid to take home you handmade pasta. A tea towel will be handy too, to attach to the waist band of your apron.
Dean Martin will be playing very loud and I may even blast out a bit of ‘That’s Amore’ for you, not on the microphone, I promise.
Pasta is my passion. I love to eat it, copious amounts , breakfast, lunch or dinner. But I also love making it. I switch off from life, and get busy with my hands. I try to think of nothing else. I become that little Italian mama that you would see making pasta outside her house in Southern Italy. That’s me, I couldn’t be any happier. 
I think the simple things in life is where we need to start looking to and embracing again. All we hear now on the news is war, economic trouble and declines etc…….
So start making and embracing food like you never have before. Pasta is quick and simple to make and gives you an incredible sense of achievement. You can feed a family of six fresh pasta with a delicious sauce for under £5.00. A task for the children, they will love it. Throw away the pointless play dough and get your little ones making pasta at the weekends or on the next half term break.
If you would like to make the special trip to come and have some light hearted fun and cook (prepare) with new friends then please leave a comment or text me.
Carmela 07951 395237