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Welcome to Carmela’s Kitchen. Carmela is a passionate Italian cookery tutor who specialises in the art of making pasta. Carmela is known as a pastaia (specialist pasta maker) and is also an event cookery demonstrator, recipe developer, food writer, founder and chef or a sell out supper club and author of two beautiful cookery books ‘A Passion for Pasta’ and ‘Southern Italian Family Cooking’. Cooking simple, inexpensive, seasonal, flavoursome dishes whilst using good quality seasonal ingredients as her mantra. The most basic and mouth-watering of Italian dishes can take minutes, from an easy spaghetti dish to a slow cooked meat based sugo dish. Eating and enjoying snacks and meals around a kitchen table is paramount with friends and family so with good reason the pasta courses that you will learn from Carmela and her Italian cooking classes will put you in great stead for whatever you decide to cook and for whom……

Carmela shares her love of Italian food through her work as an Italian cookery author, magazine contributor and fortnightly food columnist for the local newspaper ‘The Chronicle & Echo’. Her writing has brought her to the attention of Filippo Berio Olive Oil who sponsor her fortnightly Supper Club, the success of which sees each session is sold out months in advance.
Carmela’s new book Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking takes the reader on a culinary journey from the breath-taking dolomites as far south as Lazio and Abruzzo. She explores the northern regions of Italy while focusing on polenta, rice, gnocchi, pasta, meat, game and seafood dishes. For the sweet lover amongst you fear not as Carmela has also included an array of delicious desserts, cakes and biscotti with a strong selection of aperitivi & digestivi for all palates. Carmela’s passion for Italian food and drink culture is at the forefront t of every recipe she creates. The recipes in this book blend the seasonal ingredients of the north with the cucina povera style cooking of the south.

Carmela’s first book, Southern Italian Family Cooking, was a true labour of love, which showcased the best dishes of the South of Italy. The recipes in this book show her passion for the cucina povera style of cooking and encourages the use of seasonal ingredients in everyday family cooking. Carmela’s second book A Passion for Pasta, showcases different regional pastas alongside their complimentary sauces.

Something a little different for 2019 Carmela’s Kitchen – Frozen Food

Carmela is releasing a range of freezer foods from ‘Carmela’s Kitchen’ and in association with Adriana Staniscia from ‘The Italian Shop’ Northampton. There will be an initial range of 6 products available to purchase from the freezer section of The Italian Shop, Northampton. Vegetarian arancini are now available to purchase alongside veal and pea bolognese arancini. Aubergine Parmigiana will be available from early Summer 2019.

Carmela’s Kitchen offers delicious Italian cooking classes

Carmela specialises in ‘Handmade Pasta’ classes. With 642 shapes of pasta known, the fun and learning to be had is endless!!

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‘Southern Italian Family Cooking’

Cucina Povera – Family cooking from the heart of southern Italy from Carmela Sereno Hayes

‘Southern Italian Family Cooking’ is not just a cook book, it’s a journey, a journey through the gastronomic memories that Carmela Sophia Sereno (Hayes) holds so dear to her heart of cooking with her mother Solidea and with her grandmother Nonna Carmela. Now those memories and recipes have been being recorded to be enjoyed forever, inspiring the next generation of cooks who love good honest Italian food.

‘Southern Italian Family Cooking’ brings together over 120 inspiring and rustic recipes from the south of Italy that Carmela grew up with and now teaches to her own children today, in the true style of an Italian mamma passing on her recipes to sons and daughters. Sadly, this is a practice that is under threat in modern Italy today.

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