7 Weeks off school for the Summer and four children equals empty cupboards all the time. My children are always hungry, they remind me of small birds constantly yelping away for more food. These dried apples are great to make with children, keep well and are incredibly delicious too. Getting your children involved in the prep will encourage them to reap the rewards too. For an adult version add a shot of limoncello into the lemon infused water.


6 apples of your choice

Large bowl of cold water

1 large lemon

2 cleaned & oiled garden canes (Oil with olive oil on a kitchen towel)


  1. Ensure the apples you use are blemish and bruise free.
  2. Into a large bowl of cold water, half and squeeze in the juice from a whole lemon. Add the two lemon halves to the bowl too. This will stop the apple from discoloring.
  3. Core each apple and slice width ways into thin slices, approx. 3mm thick. Place each slice into the bowl of water and allow them to soak for the minimum of an hour.
  4. Once all of the apples have had a good soak, drain them from the water and pat each slice dry on some kitchen towel.
  5. Feed each apple slice onto a clean and oiled garden cane and prop the canes somewhere in your house to air-dry for 4-5 days or so.
  6. Once dried , store in an airtight container for up to 6 months. We normally eat them within 2 days.




Let me know what you think.