SACLA` Truffle Pesto – Pasta alla Chitarra with truffle pesto.

Pasta alla Chitarra al pesto di tartufo.

Stinging nettles, soft fragrant herbs, freshly picked spinach, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, blanched asparagus and wilted cavolo nero (Italian black cabbage) are but a few ingredients that can make a delicious seasonal pesto dressing or sauce, however have you ever made pesto with fresh truffle? I haven’t as yet. On the rare occasion that I have a fresh seasonal truffle white or black (summer or winter truffle) in my kitchen I take the simple approach and I tend to grate or slice it delicately over a beautifully stirred risotto, baked eggs with cream and salted butter or freshly handmade and twisted pasta. This however does not happen too often, but that said and done SACLA` have blended and used some fantastic ingredients for us to now be able to enjoy a black truffle pesto 12 months of the year regardless of the season.


Please do not for one minute think that this pesto will not hold the rich truffle aroma as a fresh truffle would because it certainly does and believe me you will not be disappointed. Sacla` make their pesto using prized black truffles along with cashew nuts, Grana Padano (cheese) and pine nuts. Sacla` truffle pesto makes dinner time that little bit easier. Spooned and stirred into a plain risotto, through a little buttery mashed potato, spooned into golden soft polenta, added to any pasta or simply spooned into some soft scrambled eggs. Scrumptious I hear you say! I have now developed a delicious chestnut pasta recipe to complement Sacla` truffle pesto. The earthy flavour of the chestnut flour pairs incredibly well with the woody aromatic flavour of truffle pesto. I have used the chestnut pasta dough and made a favourite pasta of mine from the Abruzzo region of Italy called ‘Pasta alla Chitarra’, however the dough could be used to make a filled ravioli, tortellini or a simple turned garganelli (rigatoni) pasta. Sacla` prized truffle pesto is available in larger branches of Sainsbury’s and also Waitrose stores.  For the full recipe please follow the link to

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