Galvanina expands UK presence.

No need to wait for the clock to strike 5pm or for that diet coke break anymore. Fancy a new cooling drink with a difference? Galvanina have us drooling and tempted with delicious fruity mocktails anytime of the day. I am currently an alcohol free zone…(sad face) , not by choice but by necessity. However on hand is a wonderful array of cooling yet mouth quenching drinks from the delicious company ‘Galvanina’, these are incredibly mouth-watering.

I discovered Galvanina sometime ago and I haven’t looked back since. I tend to remove the twist top lid whilst listening to the fizzy hizz and add a straw for convenience whilst sitting at my office desk. However as the sun shines high in the midday sky a mocktail in the garden is the way to certainly go. Sicilian lemonade is one of my favourite flavours, and if I close my eyes tightly I can almost imagine the burning hot Italian sun on the back of my neck, the warmth of the Mediterranean sea ticking my toes and the aroma of freshly made pasta and lightly bubbling Galvanina popping beautiful in a tall glass beside me.

A few months ago I attended an event as was told to re-use the Galvanina bottle as they are beautifully embossed and are incredibly pretty. So I washed and soaked off the label and filled the bottle with extra virgin olive oil and topped the bottle with an olive oil pouring spout. My bottle now stands proudly in my larger cupboard.

Thirsty yet? Have a look at the delicious mocktails below.

Where to find Galvanina.

Galvanina, the 100% organic, Italian sparkling fruit drink brand. Galvanina Sicilian Ruby Orange and Galvanina Sicilian Lemon in 750ml bottles will be available in 317 Sainsbury’s stores by the end of July. The Sainsbury’s listing follows that of Tesco, who introduced Galvanina Sicilian Lemon, Galvanina Sicilian Clementine and Galvanina Sicilian Ruby Orange to 359 stores in January this year. Also available in Waitrose.

With more people choosing to moderate or abstain from alcohol consumption, the demand remains high for premium soft drink alternatives. Galvanina is produced in a stylish, embossed bottle and its organic,100% natural ingredients give it an edge over the competitive set.

Clare Blampied of Galvanina says: “The latest Sainsbury’s listing will further strengthen our position as a premium adult soft drinks brand in the UK. Galvanina continues to gain momentum thanks to a number of marketing initiatives, driving awareness and trial over the past year as well as a loyal consumer following which has resulted in increased sales for the retailers.”


Blueberry Mocktail

355ml bottle of Sicilian Grapefruit Galvanina

1 punnet of blueberries

Handful of mint leaves crushed with a few remaining to garnish

1 x whole lime squeezed

½ lemon squeezed

Thread 10-12 blueberries onto a large wooden cocktail stick (can use a barbecue stick). Squeeze the lime and lemon into a glass.  With a pestle and mortar crush half a handful of mint leaves with the remainder of the blueberries, add to the mint and lemon juice.  Top up with the Galvanina Sicilian Grapefruit and stir through with the blueberry cocktail stick.


Clementine Mocktail

355 ml bottle of Sicilian Clementine Galvanina

½ orange sliced

Frozen Kilner glasses

Pour the Clementine juice into frozen kilner glasses, add the slices of orange and serve immediately.


Sicilian Grapefruit Mokhito

 355ml bottle of Sicilian Grapefruit Galvanina

1 x tsp of clear honey

Slice of lime juice

Fresh mint leaves to finish

Crushed ice

Pour the Sicilian grapefruit over the crushed ice, add a teaspoon of clear honey and a slice of lime.  Stir then add the mint leaves at the end.


Galvanina naturally sparkling organic drinks include: – Sicilian Lemon, Sicilian Clementine, Sicilian Ruby Orange and Red Grapefruit.

  • No artificial ingredients are added to the drinks.
  • Twitter @GalvaninaUK