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Northamptonshire WI Recipe Book

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Northamptonshire WI Recipe Book I’ve just picked up a fantastic 3rd edition copy of the ‘Northamptonshire Federation of Women’s Institutes’ Recipe book. Elated is a huge understatement to be honest. Not only is this vintage beauty in great condition but it’s also has newspaper clippings hidden in-between some of the [...]

Polpette, pretty please!

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From stale bread to a filling lunch! Bread polpette I use the term ‘stale bread’ very loosely. In my family kitchen bread tends to hide as its consumed at an incredible speed. We all have our own bread preferences, dare I say from the processed floppy sliced white loaf to [...]


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Zabaglione I give you a sweet Italian classic. Be it a quick shot of liquid heaven or a slightly more in-depth air filled custard dessert. Zabaglione is such a loved dessert but more too many Italians it makes for the perfect breakfast. A shot of sweetened protein with a muted [...]

Malloreddus alla Campidanese from #apassionforpasta

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Gnocchi sardi with sausages and tomato Malloreddus alla Campidanese Back to basics with ‘Malloreddus’ using semola rimacinata – di grano durno (semolina flour) and hot water. Such a pleasing pasta to make by hand. Delicate shells with a ridged rigate exterior which is simply sublime for catching the sauce. This [...]

A little nostalgia from school day dinners!

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Who remembers chocolate toothpaste or should I say does anyone remember this teeth cloying dessert that I still think of with a beaming smile? I grew up in Bedford known as ‘little Italy’ and this chocolate toothpaste tart is very much known as a classic Bedfordian school pudding. Now before [...]

Whipped Milk Polenta…….

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Polenta   If I excitedly mutter the words polenta the response I normally receive is a grunt of utter disappointment and dread! This saddens me desperately because polenta is not only filling and inexpensive but it’s warming, full of flavour and just perfect for this time of year. The key [...]

Pizza dough… tear, fold and enjoy! #FilippoBerio

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Tear and fold, that’s the only way!! When I say let’s have pizza for dinner tonight you’ll most certainly hear my children cheer with excitement and relish at the very thought of it.  I was the same as a child and most definitely even more so as an adult. I [...]