Potato gnocchi pillows….

Clearly 2020 is set to be a testing time for us all. From the fear of illness to the loss of earnings, freedom and the eye watering recent panic buying terror! I however, am firmly in the midst of my 3-month isolation due to a long-term illness so with that in mind and the fact my 4 children are also at home I am ready for a very long and slow few months ahead. Luckily for me my children are at the age where they can occupy themselves, however it seems that they constantly need feeding. I truly mean constantly.
The biscuit barrel has a small basic selection of offerings, veg sticks are washed and prepped in the fridge along with slices of potato frittata and chickpea farinata for easy snacking. My husband is now food shopping for me which is a little testing but we seem to be getting by and working as a unit (for now).
The necessity to use everything and limit our expenditure, waste and constant need to shop is vital at this time and we are all in the same boat. As you may already be aware, I also have a business and Instagram pages where I share recipes, videos and ideas to make meal times a little more fun. I am sharing my gnocchi recipe below but if you would like a visual video aid please find me across social media #CarmelasKitchen.

Potato gnocchi – Gnocchi di patate

So, potato gnocchi – Comfort, filling and the perfect base for many sauces. It is difficult to provide you with a potato gnocchi recipe that works effectively every time. This can be due to many factors. The type of potatoes used, moisture, how much water has been absorbed by the potatoes etc. I have opted to boil them here with their skins on, however you can also bake or even steam them in their entirety.

400g potatoes, boiled with skins on, riced
1 large egg
Salt and pepper, to season
150g – 180g 00 flour (or any flour you have available)

I. Place your riced potatoes into a large bowl, add the egg, salt and pepper, combine.
II. Gradually add the flour until you have a potato dough. You may not need all of the flour, then again you may need a little more.
III. Knead for 2 minutes.
IV. Portion the dough into 6 pieces.
V. Roll each portion into a long sausage and cut off 1.5cm nuggets.
VI. Flour your hands and roll each gnocchi in-between your palms.
VII. You can if preferred just roll them down the back of a fork.
VIII. Place the gnocchi on a clean tea-towel or onto a tray dusted with semola and cook in a large pan of salted boiling water until they bob to the top.
IX. Serve with your chosen sauce.

How to Freeze.
I like to freeze my gnocchi. Place them onto a tray covered with a layer of greaseproof paper and pop in the freezer. After 2 hours in the freezer pop them into a container and freeze for up to 6 months. Cook straight from the freezer.