Carmela will explain , demonstrate and teach you the beauty of filled pasta. From a simple mezzaluna (half moon) to a pretty tortellini, ravioli, casonsei, culurgiones, and her famous dippy egg yolk raviolo. Carmela will also demonstrate a quick cherry tomato sauce and freshly made seasonal pesto. You will use skills acquired in the beginners course, however attending the first course is not essential. This is a hands on course.

Please bring along a container to take your fresh pasta.

Please note: Carmela is able to offer and teach gluten free beginners pasta. As above but using a formulated pasta dough. On booking please notify Carmela if gluten free will be required. Cross contamination is unavoidable in a group teaching situation.

Coffee & cantuccini will be offered as elevenses.

Please check availability prior to booking;



9.30 – 1.30pm £95.00pp

Venue: Carmela’s Pasta Room

Carmela has the right to give up to 72 hours notice prior to cancelling a cookery course.