I was recently invited to the UK launch of a fabulous range of wines from one of the most passionate ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet ‘Lisa McGuigan’. From an aromatic Chardonnay to a ruby Cabernet Shiraz, fruit Chardonnay and a Shiraz that would make the perfect match for steak and my favourite Italian cheese board. The range is unique and yet offers a diverse range which would suit all taste palates. Lisa paired the wine to suit a menu, this showcasing its flavour and aroma fully. Style is vital as well as taste. Lisa cares very much about the style of each bottle, the appearance is simple yet striking at the same time. Well done Lisa, you have bought to the UK not only your knowledge and passion but a truly mouth-watering and yet quenching range of Australian wines.
Wines that look as good as they taste
Lisa McGuigan Wines launch in the UK
Fourth generation of an Australian wine dynasty, Lisa McGuigan launches her self-titled collection of wines in the UK. Lisa combines a wealth of wine knowledge and a flare for fashion to launch an Australian wine that speaks to consumers rather than intimidating them.  
The inaugural collection features two ranges – Wilde Thing and Silver, each featuring a delicate white and robust red. Wilde Thing offers a blended Chardonnay Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Shiraz, whilst the Silver collection houses a Chardonnay and Shiraz – all of the wines originate from South Australia.
Lisa McGuigan Wines look as good as they taste, this is a stylish wine brand to be enjoyed with friends. Every detail of this wine has been highly deliberated and well-designed. The wine’s contemporary labels and bottles complete a chic table setting that is bound to impress.
According to Lisa, wine is the perfect fashion accessory. Lisa McGuigan said, “I make wines that I love to drink in a stylish bottle with a chic looking label. I like my wine to work like great fashion. Every woman has her favourite fashion accessory, why stop at the handbag when you can have your bottle of wine looking just right too.”

The quality of the wine itself is another triumph of Lisa’s intuitive design process and collaborative approach to business. Lisa’s wine instincts are distilled from her family’s heritage of wine making in Australia’s Hunter Valley. However, true to her rebellious spirit, Lisa curates her ranges unencumbered by geography, choosing the varietals she loves from the most reliable and renowned terroir all over Australia to give the brand its iconic quality.  This bold and innovative approach to wine design, combined with Lisa’s obsessive commitment to charismatic bottling will ensure Lisa McGuigan Wines a place as one of the planet’s first truly global brands.
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About Lisa McGuigan Wines
Lisa McGuigan is the fourth generation of an Australian wine dynasty. A truly rebellious spirit in her early years saw Lisa bypass a career in the wine industry, pursuing instead her passion for hospitality. While Lisa excelled in that chosen field, she couldn’t deny her genes, winemaking is in her DNA.
Lisa designed and directed the launch and meteoric rise of Tempus Two, one of Australia’s most loved and successful wine brands. Lisa McGuigan leaves Tempus Two to launch her own brand, following her passion to source varieties from different regions in Australia, as well as other regions throughout the world to create a truly global brand.
The brand launched in Australia in 2011, when Lisa accomplished her dream of having her name on a bespoke wine brand. In 2014, Lisa McGuigan was listed as one of the “Top 21 Most Influential Liquor Identities,” and the brand was awarded a host of regional and international awards. Impressively, Lisa McGuigan Wines has been picked as a wine to accompany Business Class travellers on Jetstar and Qantas flights. 
·         The International Wine Challenge, London
·         Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition, Spain
·         Wine Showcase Magazine New Release Tasting, Adelaide, South Australia
·         Awarded and published in the Guide Un Vin Presque Parfait Tasting, France
Wilde Thing RRP: £7
Chardonnay Pinot Grigio

Colour: Clear pale straw in colour
Aroma: Aromas of apple and pear combine with peach on a fruit forward nose
Palate: Apple and peach on the palate are complimented by a long refreshing finish
Food pairing: Fresh seafood or a mango salsa

Cabernet Shiraz

Colour: Deep ruby with purple hues
Aroma: Ripe blackcurrant and redcurrant fruits with a hint of herb
Palate: A delicious mix of blackcurrant and redcurrant fruits combine on a medium bodied palate and silky smooth tannins
Food pairing: Lamb or grilled chicken
Silver Collection RRP: £9

Colour: Pale yellow to straw
Aroma: Ripe melon and peach aromas with a hint of floral complexity
Palate: The tropical fruits on the nose follow through to the palate and are balanced by a cool lemon rind finish
Food pairing: Smoked salmon or brie

Colour: Ruby red with hints of purple
Aroma: Redcurrant, raspberry, pepper are complimented by subtle sweet spice from the addition of oak at fermentation 
Palate: Raspberry and plum on the palate, which is medium bodied with silky tannins and a long finish
Food pairing: Steak or hard cheese