Burrata, still sends me a little weak at the knees, even though it has been around for over 100 years. An artisan cheese originating from the beautiful region of Puglia in the South of Italy. Made using cows milk, the outside is a mozzarella and is filled delicately with a creamy filling whilst also using mozzarella paste. Once cut it simply ozzes.

I recently had the pleasure of over indulging yet again whilst on a research trip to Milan. My face lit up as this beautiful tied bag of buratta appeared before me. A gift from the South of Italy.

Entirely made by hand – by the masters of cheese. What a job!! Burrata must be served simply as it is, unspoilt and uncomplicated. Maybe with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil #GranCruOil and  few shredded basil leaves.

Another delicate cheese to come out of Italy. Even though it may have been around for so many years, it seems to still be undiscovered. So please go out of your way, search out and find a certain pleasure that only burrata can give you.

Buon appetito.