Here we go again, lets begin making false aspirations for the New Year. The same as I do every year, I normally am unable to get through January without everything running off track and going belly up. I will loose a stone in weight (sighs……)……., not eat too many sweet snack and crisps (that’s a hard one, sighs again), and exercise at least three times a week (not keen on exercise).

How long will this last? I have no idea. But all said and done, I do want to loose at least 14IB’s in weight, exercise a little and not pick at snacks when no one is watching!! OK well that sounds like a plan, Oh yes and no more shouting up the stairs to the children, have been told I sound like a fog horn. I feel better already! Love making plans.

Looking forward to what 2013 will bring this year. So much happened last year and there are so many changes planned for this year too. This will be the year that I finally get my head around writing my book and hopefully find a publisher. No more talking about it! Very excited already as I have been working and testing so many recipes. Researching and absolutely loving every minute too. I am aiming for 100 recipes in the book, from antipasti, fish, pasta, vegetables, dolci and more, Italian food at it’s best. Beautiful photography, fabulous mouthwatering recipes and a family story to be read through the book.

BBC Radio Northampton is undertaking many changes as are many other local radio stations. Cuts in budgets have lead to shift changes and cuts to certain shows!! Local radio is great for local information, events, news and music…..Lets see!

I’m loving my blog. I write, experiment, receive wonderful comments and think that if I have inspired maybe even a few readers to make my recipes then that is absolutely worth it. Writing the blog takes me away from being a mum to four children, oh and a husband, so five children. I’m Carmela whilst writing, not a cook, cleaner, wife or mother. Time out for me.

My cookbooks are growing every time I look at my book case. My husband dispares of me. I have without a doubt an addiction. But with this addiction of  348 cookery books comes knowledge and understanding, hopefully!! Let the power be with me and as Paddy would say ‘Let the cook see the book’……….

Not forgetting my teaching. I have started to teach cookery classes from my home in ‘Carmela’s Kitchen’ and am enjoying it so very much. Small groups with a personal touch. My classes are affordable and will have you making pasta and gnocchi at home in no time. New courses for this year include making the perfect Italian sausage………., working with polenta and mastering a delicious risotto. All my classes, costs and dates are on my blog. Please note these are all held in my personal domestic kitchen.

In 2012, I finally managed to get my head around twitter (@Carmelahayes), and with that have met so many wonderful and inspirational new friends too. Thank you for your continued support. Facebook, I now also have a Carmela’s Kitchen page. This is great to keep all interested foodies involved and in touch with what is going on also it has become a great and very well deserved feedback and information page.

Christmas Pudding Club 2012, a complete success. November this year I taught 70 ladies how to make Christmas puds a great deal of support from friends got me through a fabulous and very full filling evening. Great fun was had by all and a substantial amount raised for our local hospice too. I am planning more classes based on mass cooking, these give you a taster of for example pasta making. Then for more ideas, recipes and skills you could attend one of my classes. This brings together friends in group to mix, meet and cook with other like minded people. June 2013 will also bring with it my first Summer Pudding Club. So much to do and lots to look forward too. Hope to see you there (treat yourself to a new pinnie).

So here are a few plans I have up my sleeve for this year, 2013. What are your plans or are you making New Years Resolutions, do you intend to keep them?

Carmela x