My kitchen garden is tiny and I should probably call it my herb patch but the word patch doesn’t have the grandeur I want you to whimsically imagine. So, going back to my kitchen garden and the bounty of edible flowers, soft herbs, out of control rosemary and newly foraged and planted wild garlic. My herb garden is the centre of what I create in my kitchen through to the inspiration I carry into the dishes I showcase and cook at my fortnightly supper club, classes and demonstrations.

I love a short cut and equally love to preserve whatever and whenever I can. I was recently gifted a few supermarket thyme plants, so I took one and planted it outside in the hope that it will take and the other I preserved in oil.
I’ve chosen to use thyme but sage, oregano or tarragon would work equally well so feel free to experiment with your own herbs.

Take an ice cube tray and ensure it is clean.
Scatter into each compartment the herbs you wish to use, remove any firm or brittle stalks.
Fill each section with extra virgin olive oil, I use Filippo Berio everyday oil and freeze until required. The herb cubes keep in the freezer for 2 months and can be used straight from the freezer. The idea of these oil preserving cubes is to use them as small flavour pods, speedy aromatic infused olive oil. You could also make fresh pesto and also freeze directly into clean ice cube trays for speed and instant flavour. With busy lives and a necessity for constant speed in the kitchen these may just help you out. Just remember the freezer is a great way to preserve herbs, blanched vegetables from the allotment and your bounty of excess summer fruits. No waste!