I give you a sweet Italian classic. Be it a quick shot of liquid heaven or a slightly more in-depth air filled custard dessert. Zabaglione is such a loved dessert but more too many Italians it makes for the perfect breakfast. A shot of sweetened protein with a muted alcoholic touch.   When my father Rocco and his siblings lived in Foggia , Puglia Italy, my Nonna Carmela would send her sons off to school with a freshly whipped yolk, a spoonful of sugar and if the purse strings allowed a little marsala or sometimes even homemade red wine. My father said he can still almost 60 years later feel the warmth in the base of his tummy. I love a whimsical tale of old, it somehow lights me up inside, I suppose the idea of a simple pleasure. Zabaglione is in essence a volumized egg yolk cream that has been whisked into submission and in turn has increased by almost an incredible 70% in volume, thus making it light as a cloud.

Delicious warm with a biscotti, served cold with some seasonal fruit or berries, for breakfast with an espresso on the side or as a dessert with some crushed amaretti biscotti scattered over the top and a willing appetite for something sweet.


Serves: 2/3

4 large egg yolks

3 tsps. Granulated sugar

2 tbsps. Marsala (sweet fortified wine)


Take a glass bowl and place it over a pan of simmering water. Ensue the simmering water does not touch the base of the bowl as this would most certainly leave you with a scrambled egg cream.

Crack the yolks and sprinkle the sugar into the bowl. Whisk by hand if stamina allows, I however prefer my electric hand whisk as this will need whisking for a good 5 minutes depending on the number of yolks you used.

Whisk for 2 minutes then add the Marsala wine. Continue to whisk until the mixture has increased by 70% in volume. For children just continue to whisk emitting the alcohol.

Enjoy as a breakfast or dessert.


Carmela’s tips: Use the egg whites for future Italian meringue. They freeze well for upto 3 months.