Carmela’s 4th Italian cookery book…….Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking – Released July 2020.

Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking is a celebration of Italian cookery through the northern regions of Italy from Aosta, Lombardy and Trentino through to the warmer central regions of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Abruzzo.

Covering 13 regions in total, Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking will inspire you to cook and explore the seasonality of your food from the UK while creating the passion and food from the Italian boot.

Carmela reflects the UK’s seasonal changes and abundance of fresh produce foraged, grown and bought from land and sea with traditional Italian dishes. She uses the bounty of seasonal produce combined with pasta, stirred through risotto, spooned onto pan-fried polenta and served with potato gnocchi pillows.

Explore a new menu of dishes inspired by fresh ingredients with an Italian twist. From wild boar risotto, spaghetti cakes, stuffed rabbit ravioli to soft Parmigiano polenta topped with pan-fried mushrooms or slow cooked Bolognese sauce.

Welcome to Carmela’s Northern & Central Italian Family Cooking a unique look at an Italian menu with elements of the rich British landscape.

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Buon appetitio.