‘How to make your own pasta’

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In How to make your own pasta you will learn simple techniques to make stunning pasta from scratch using simple store cupboard ingredients. Carmela Sophia Sereno shows you how to make even the most basic pasta dough into a variety of shapes and designs.

You will find information on making pasta by hand as well as with a pasta machine, how to make gluten free pasta, how to cook and store pasta and what store cupboard essentials you should stock up on. Substitute ingredients are suggested throughout so that you rely on what you have in the kitchen. A few included recipes are:

  • Spaghetti carbonara
  • Tagliatelle with a meat ragu
  • Orzo minestrone soup
  • Gnocchetti sardi with sausage and tomato
  • Tortellini in stock
  • Egg layered lasagna

Beginners and expert pasta enthusiasts alike will be amazed at the range of pasta explored in this ebook, with dishes selected to delight not only with their exquisite taste but also by their beautiful and varied appearances.

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