Can picking a dandelion really lead you to wet the bed?

I grew up on a small farm in North Bedfordshire. At every possible opportunity you’d find me outside, either making perfume with rose petals for my mum (water with squashed rose petals), fishing for tiny fish with what I remember being only a stick and a small piece of fishing line and a hook attached to it , making a den with my sister in an area of the farm we called monkey island, amongst the old twisted tree trunks or catching stunning cabbage butterflies amongst a load of angry hen pecked chickens. When I think back, my childhood was very hard for my parents but totally idyllic for my sister and I.

Now however on some days you may still find me outside as often as possible but with a wicker basket, pair of small scissors and gloves to prevent prickles and thorns. Today I wanted to share with you my love and total respect for the humble dandelion flower. I’m sure you were told the same as I ‘Melly don’t pick the dandelions because you’ll wee in your bed’. So incredibly random I know. What’s funnier is the fact that my family all call them ‘Wee the beds’ and not dandelions! 

On Easter Saturday I took my youngest daughter Chiara out to a local field and picked a few dandelions. She loved the idea that mummy would cook and eat them and that they were free food. I loved it more! The heads are used in salads, or fritters. They are not only for beauty and a visual look but they add a wonderful mild yet peppery flavour too. Spring time is when It’s best to pick dandelions as they tend to be a little sweeter. Stay clear of the roadside dandelions due to fumes and dog mess and make sure you wash and dry them well to remove any hidden bugs. The stems and great lengthy dark green leaves are wonderful when pan-fried with a little olive oil, garlic, seasoning and chilli. Served as a side or squashed in-between a toasted panino filled with mortadella, provolone and tomatoes. A little indulgence from field to frying pack. Now grab your basket and have fun foraging for these stunning treasures that do not lead you to wet the bed but have the ability to brighten your salad instantly.