Stratford Upon Avon

Carmela is an Italian food writer and cookery tutor specialising in the art of ‘Pasta’. From simple yet delicious dinner party dishes to elaborate desserts and mesmerising yet stunning pasta dishes. Carmela’s mantra is to cook all dishes within our UK seasons whilst showing and highlighting the beauty that can be made and presented from the humble Italian kitchen. Carmela’s classes will open your eyes to the wonder and possibilities that can be found within the arms of the 20 regions that embrace Italy. From the Northern regions which feature heavily the use of butter, rice, polenta, truffle and game to the southern regions which showcase the abundance of seasonal vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, pasta and olive oil. Are you ready to learn the correct skills to master the perfect risotto, the smoothest polenta or a simple plate of perfectly pinched tortellini pasta?

Pasta Masterclass at Bonds, Stratford Upon Avon 

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10am – 2.00pm

£65.00 per person 

Bookings are taken via BONDS.

No previous pasta making experience necessary as Carmela will guide you through every stage of this pasta masterclass. Beginning with a demonstration on how to make a semola di gran duro rimacinata and fresh egg pasta dough. . You will master how to make two different pasta doughs, use a pasta machine confidently , laminate your pasta sheet with fresh herbs and make at least 10 different shapes, from unfilled delicate, intricate shapes to a variety of filled regional pasta shapes, finishing with a demonstration of fresh seasonal pesto.

This class is a hands-on so please bring along your favourite apron and a few containers to take home your pasta.

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£60.00 per person

Pasta Masterclass 

10.0am – 2.00pm

No previous experience necessary as Carmela will guide you through every stage of this pasta masterclass. Beginning with a demonstration on how to make a semola and egg dough, Carmela will then make some vibrant vegan spinach dough and also a beetroot and tomato pasta dough. This class is fully hands on. You will master how to make all manner of different pasta doughs, use a pasta machine confidently and make at least 10 different shapes, from unfilled to a variety of filled pasta shapes.

Awaiting a new date –  £00.00  Risotto & Arancini Masterclass   9.30am – 1.00pm
The class will begin with how to make perfect chicken and vegetable stock, followed by an explanation of the different risotto rice’s you are able to use. Followed by a master class in how to make 3 flavours of risotti. Wild mushroom risotto, a saffron risotto and a pumpkin and amaretto crumb risotto. When you make risotto always make double and enjoy the Sicilian street food that is arancini, risotto balls. You will roll, fill, dip and deep fry some arancini and make a simple tomato sugo.

Awaiting a new date £00.00 –  Gnocchi, gnudi, cavatelli and risotto   9.30am -1.00pm

In this newly developed class Carmela will teach and demonstrate how to make and serve potato gnocchi with a sausage ragu, ricotta cavatelli with a cherry tomato ragu, freshly poached ricotta and spinach gnudi with browned butter and crispy sage and a classic lemon and pea risotto. The simplicity of the course will guide you into taking a few key dishes to the next culinary level.

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£60.00 per person

Pasta & Sauces Masterclass   

10.00am – 2.00pm
Carmela will demystify how to make 5 sauces and pair them with dried pasta. This class will also show you how to make fresh potato gnocchi. The menu may change but here are the chosen sauces to pair with gnocchi and dried pasta:
Ricotta and basil pesto served with trofie pasta.
Fresh potato gnocchi served with an incredibly indulgent gorgonzola and cream sauce.
Cavatelli pasta served with a cherry tomato, vine and rind sauce.
How to make a classic spaghetti carbonara.
Fresh cuttlefish pasta tagliatelle served with clam, mussel and saffron sauce.

Awaiting a new date £00.oo  Italian desserts & biscotti class  9.30am – 1.00pm
Carmela will guide you through a few of her favourite sweet treats. From a simple whipped zabaglione to her limoncello tiramisu, dark chocolate and amaretto cake with whipped mascarpone, pistachio and hazelnut biscotti and a simple basil infused pannacotta. Each student will make a tiramisu to take home and enjoy. Please bring along your favourite tiramisu dish.

Awaiting a new date £00.00  Sweet Pasta workshop, demo and tasting  9.30am – 1.00pm 

In this newly developed pasta class Carmela will guide you by teaching you how to make a variety of different sweet pasta doughs, transforming them into chocolate pasta filled with hazelnut and mascarpone, finished with an orange infused cream, fresh pear filled mezzaluna pasta oven baked, deep fried pasta chiacchiere dusted in vanilla icing sugar and struffoli drizzled in honey and hundreds and thousands. A taste of something sweet as a treat or to finish off a delicious meal.

Awaiting a new date £00.00 Italian Vegan workshop  9.30am – 1.00pm 

Learn how to master with confidence a few delicious Italian vegan dishes. Chickpea farinata with roasted balsamic peppers. Avocado pasta with a raw tomato, extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing sauce. Learn how to make vegan almond ricotta and a wonderful cashew nut ragu with thinly sliced spaghetti courgettes.

Awaiting a new date £00.00 Sweet Italian vegan workshop  9.30am – 1.00pm 

Learn how to make vegan mascarpone cheese.  Learn how to make lemon deliciously light amaretti biscuits to have with your mid-morning coffee.  Prepare, make and bake a citrus infused rice cake, this is simply sensational then finish with a baked polenta dish and tiny aquafaba meringue kisses. Sweet and all so delicious.

Awaiting a new date £00.00  Italian Vegetarian workshop , 9.30am – 1.00pm

Make tender rice and lentil filled savoy cabbage rolls with a classic mixed soffritto tomato sauce, these will be baked until golden and soft to touch.  Make cauliflower fritters with an aubergine caponata and roasted pepper dip . Make and form spinach and ricotta gnudi. Poach them and then heat with a browned butter, black pepper and sage sauce. Prepare and fill Romano peppers with a fantastically light breadcrumb and Parmigiano Reggiano filling, roast them and serve with a balsamic glaze. This is one of my favourite workshops. Bring a container to take home some delicious goodies.

Awaiting a new date  £00.00 Polenta, risotto & arancini workshop  9.30am – 1.00pm 

Prepare a simple vegetable stock and a light tomato sauce. Using carnaroli rice we will make a delicious tomato infused risotto finishing with pan-fried speck. Make and form arancini. Arancini are a filled, crumbed, and deep-fried risotto ball. Traditionally a Sicilian street food. We will make these by hand and with an Italian cone form.

Polenta. Carmela will demonstrate how to make a silky polenta dish. Whipped polenta with milk, and stock then finished with Parmigiano Reggiano and butter. We will top the dish with buttered and pan-fried mushrooms with a dash of truffle oil.

Baked polenta balls filled with taleggio and sage, wrapped in speck and baked until golden.

Awaiting a new date £00.00  Italian sweet festive workshop  9.30am – 1.00pm 

Learn how to make a traditional Christmas pudding with added amaretto and almonds. You will take the pudding home to steam and wrap until the big day. (You will need to bring a long a 2 pint pudding basin)

Make cranberry and pistachio twice baked biscotti to have with your morning coffee.

Make a clementine and dark chocolate tiramisu perfect for a festive after dinner dessert and finishing we will make a rice cake with strega liquor and citrus zest.

Awaiting a new date £00.00   A festive Italian workshop  9.30am – 1.00pm 

Master a selection of antipasti dishes to wow your guests over the festive period.

Make a chickpea farinata and serve it with ricotta, lemon and roasted balsamic peppers. Bruschetta: Fava bean and pea bruschetta with slices of Pecorino and warm oven roasted tomatoes with a whipped ricotta and Parmigiano Reggiano topping.

Courgette, quinoa and ricotta baked fritters. Served on dressed rocket leaves with a balsamic glaze dipping sauce. Leek and artichoke frittata – This recipe will be a demonstration, then finishing with a seasonal winter salad – This dish has yet to be decided.